Funds raised will be used to pay the $120.00 filing fee to the Idaho Secretary of State, and the $600.00 filing fee for official 501(c)3 status with the IRS. Additional funds raised over the initial amount will go toward hosting a more robust and secure website.

501(c)3 status will be a powerful tool for our organization moving forward. Once approved, it will allow donors to deduct donations from their taxes. This especially helps donors in the case of larger donations. It will also enable FOBHP to pursue relevant grant opportunities seriously. It will also allow donors to provide in-kind gifts, like time, goods or services, which are also tax deductible.

Though no decisions or affiliations have been made, the 501(c)3 approval process takes months to complete.

We intend to apply ASAP, so we can have all the possible tools at our disposal to help save these pools.

You don't even have to be a pool user to make a donation. This moment is history in the making, and this decision forever defines us. Please let it define us as a community that values art, history, architecture, community, and quality of life.

Please give what you can; even a small donation adds up! Thank you so very much!!!

Speak up!

There was good turnout for the Open Houses at the Lowell and South pools. Consulting group Agnew::Beck presented two options based on survey results. They asked attendees to vote for either: Option 1. A remodel of the historic above ground pool with ADA compliance and accessibility, or Option 2. A new rectangular pool, saving the Art Moderne façade.

But will the City Council and Mayor vote to save the pools from demolition? We don’t know! Parks and Recreation Director, Doug Holloway, said in an email that he is not convinced the Council will approve spending.


We need YOU, yes YOU, to reach out to the City Council and Mayor with your pleas to save the pools! Let them know our community pools are worth investing in. Our city is thriving, and the budget forecasts look good. Boise has a total of 5 million dollars earmarked for pool renovations and upgrades in 2023 for Lowell and 2024 for South Pool.

Yes, getting them up and running again after being closed for 3 years (and counting!) will take an investment. But losing these historic pools is a greater cost to our city in the long term.


· You can call City Council at (208) 608-7000

· You can message City Council members at:

Click on the Council Member’s Profile and hit the green Send Message button

· You can message Mayor McLean at:

Residents | City of Boise Scroll down to the very bottom and click on Contact Us

We need your help NOW more than ever! Please reach out to the City Council and Mayor McLean TODAY!

Letter to City Council Template.docx

Feel free to use this template letter to send to City Council and Mayor McLean!

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Share your love for these historic pools! Did you grow up swimming here? Were you a lifeguard? Did you and your family make wonderful memories here?

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